Cyclone Mora Rebuilding Appeal - Video Update


On the 30th May 2017, cyclone Mora swept across Chin State, western Myanmar, triggering landslides and destroying buildings in rural villages. 

At our main base in Lailenpi town, there was considerable damage to roads and homes and sadly our training centre was torn down by the high winds and torrential rain.

Yet despite the personal impact and sorrow felt by our staff and the local villagers, hope is rising.

Health and Hope staff and a committed team from the local community have come together to dismantle the old training facility and prepare the ground for a new, reinforced training hall and dormitory to be built. 

Take a look at our short film to see what has been going on in Lailenpi since the cyclone hit:

Health and Hope Rebuilding Project from Greg James Photography and Film

As the film above shows, the site is now ready and waiting for rebuilding work to start.  We are grateful for the support of eMI-World who are providing world-class architectural and structural engineering support to help design a reinforced building which will withstand future cyclones and earth tremors. 

In the last newsletter we asked for your help to raise £60,000 towards the rebuilding budget. We are delighted to report that, thanks to your generosity, you have helped us to raise nearly £45,000 towards this target.  This is enabling construction work to move ahead while additional fundraising is taking place. Thank you so much! 

If you can help us to raise further funds towards this project, please contact us on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or you can donate to our Rebuilding Appeal by clicking here.

Dismantling the training centre with community support

Site clearance and terracing complete

UNFPA Dignity Kits

We were delighted to partner with the UNFPA earlier this year to distribute almost 5,000 dignity kits to women in Chin State. 

Dignity kits provide the basic items that women and girls need to maintain hygiene, respect and dignity, particularly in the face of natural disasters.  

The UNFPA recently featured Health & Hope's work on their website, in addition to reporting on our work to deliver 400 Clean Delivery Kits to pregnant women in the aftermath of Cyclone Komen in 2015. 

Read more at the UNFPA Website for Myanmar

UNFPA dignity kits

13th October 2016

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Airstrip Planning

We are so grateful to Captain Bryan Pill of MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) for hosting us this week in the UK.

This follows on from MAF's visit to the jungles of Chin state as they look at locations to build their first airstrip in the country.

Read more about MAF's support for Health and Hope's work in their latest newsletter here:


Sasa and Captain Bryan Pill

Surveying land for airstrip

9th September 2016

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Dr Sasa - Back in the UK

We're delighted to be welcoming Dr Sasa back to the UK in September.  We have events planned across the UK, from Cornwall to Newcastle and Northern Ireland to the Channel Islands.

Dr Sasa will be sharing personal stories from the front line and progress made on projects over the last year.  We look forward to welcoming many of you to these events. 

Click here to find a venue near you...

24th August 2016

Sasa in London Sasa in Surrey Sasa at Kings Cross

August Newsletter

We've released our latest newsletter covering:

- Dr Sasa's trip to the UK - September 2016
- Community Health Worker (CHW) update
- Match funding opportunity
- Bryan & Martin's Walk for Water

Follow the link below to read more:

Area Coordinators

24th August 2016

Sasa-uk-2 Area coordinator training july 20162016 8 Area coordinator training july 20162016 25

Strong legs!

While running a health clinic in a remote village earlier this year, we came across a family whose son had an unfortunate accident. When he was 15 years old he had fallen out of a tree. There was no healthcare in the village and he injured his spine and since that time has been unable to walk.  Unfortunately, shortly after this his dad passed away and his family were really struggling. Despite this, his mother and auntie have done an amazing job looking after him and they brought him to see us in a rather unique wheelchair!

The boy was now 17 years old and hadn’t walked for 2 years. We spent some time doing some basic physiotherapy including massaging and exercising his legs. After about 30 minutes, we saw amazingly that his legs, which were pale and cold to start with, started to have some blood come back to them. Even though he gained just a small amount of movement in this time, he was amazed.

We gave him some exercises to strengthen his legs and asked him to make a walking stick. As he and his family left, he told us that the next time we come back his legs would be so strong that he would follow us wherever we go!

What a privilege to be part of this boy’s life, to share the little that we have, but yet see such hope come to him. 

If you would like to support our Community Health Worker project, click here. Thank you for being part of the journey!


14th July 2016

Village Clinic - Boy unable to walk Village Clinic - Boy unable to walk Village Clinic - Boy unable to walk Village Clinic - Boy unable to walk
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