Food Security

Food Security

Food Security

Our work towards supporting resilience in food security covers the following projects:

  Project Short Description 2016-17
F1 Relief Work Food aid and medicines to cover the period March - September for key villages who lost their harvest due to the impact of cyclone Komen.
F2 Crop Diversification and Increasing Agricultural Yield A project in partnership with Mission East, a Danish international NGO and the Mara Evangelical Church. This project is currently undergoing development. -
F3 Home Gardening The development of home gardens within villages with the aim to increase the quantity and diversity of food available to the community through growing a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs. The outcome of the project is to improve the health and nutritional status, particularly of the young and vulnerable. -
F4 Rice Banks Provision of a secure rice storage space protecting the supply of staple food for villagers and a physical marketplace encouraging local commerce and food production. -

Relief Work

Two major natural disasters, coupled with deforestation, a longer monsoon period and changes in climate have caused major challenges to ongoing food security within Chin State over the last ten years.

Most recently, in July 2015, cyclone Komen caused devastation across the region destroying approximately 75% of the harvest and creating an acute need for short-term food aid. The budget for 2016-17 covers the third and final phase of our relief efforts. We will provide the equivalent of 18,200 people with one month’s food supply, in addition to providing key supplements for infants under 5 and women in pregnancy. The relief work will bridge the gap for those working hard to recover their land and plant new crops before the monsoon season, with the hope of a better harvest in September 2016.

Agricultural Work, Home Gardening and Rice Banks

For the last two years we have been working in partnership with Mission East to develop better resilience among small-holder farmers within Chin State. A needs assessment, project identification and training in project management has been ongoing and, in 2016, Mission East will support the local Mara Evangelical Church and Health and Hope to finalise a project based on crop diversification and increasing agricultural yield.

Finally, successful work in the development of home gardens and rice banks has been put on hold in the short-term due to resourcing constraints and prioritising work on the Community Health Financing Initiative as part of a consolidated strategy for 2016-2018.

Home garden consultation
Model home garden project
Home garden project
Rice Bank