Hope - A Most Precious Commodity

“It is my greatest joy to see hope, that precious gift, return to the faces of our people, who have suffered so much for so long. Hope in the faces of children when we opened their first nursery school in a newly built Community Health and Education Centre. Hope in the faces of our Community Health Workers as they realise how the simple act of boiling water, can prevent death and could save the lives of their family. Hope in the faces of our students who are now learning they are free to dream about a better future.”  Dr Sasa


A father’s discovery

There was a child from a remote village whose mother had died and her son had a serious problem with his eyes. He was about 12 months old and there was no-one that would care for him...

Pursuing a dream

My name is Peter. I have one younger brother and one elder sister. My father works in a high school and I took my primary and middle education in my native town...