Stories of Hope - Pursuing a dream

Stories of Hope - Pursuing a dream

Pursuing a dream - Peter's story

Peter's Story

“My name is Peter. I have one younger brother and one elder sister. My father works in a high school and I took my primary and middle education in my native town in Matupi Township. In 2010, I went to High School to continue my studies.  I did very well and passed examinations with distinction in all four subjects. My dream was to continue to study, but my parents were unable to support further education as we did not have enough money.

I was desperate to study and God answered my prayers and the prayers of my family through the Freedom to Education Project (FEP). After I was accepted, I first spent four months in Lailenpi where Dr. Sasa was training Community Health Workers. These young and determined students represented their villages, wanting to see the health condition of their communities across Chin State improved. This was a very inspiring time for me and Dr Sasa and the team greatly encouraged me. I learnt many basic life skills and through this time my confidence grew stronger.

In 2013, I passed class 12 in 1st division. I am now studying for a Social Work degree and then hope to go on to study Law. I believe that through these studies I will be able to help the least fortunate people of Burma come out of the situation in which injustice, inequality, violations of human rights and exploitation of the poor are taking place.

I give thanks for the chance to be able to study, and deeply desire to help others have the same opportunity. I know that today is the right time to make an effort. I do not aim at salary and fame but I have just one dream, that one day justice, equality, freedom and peace will dwell in Chin State.”