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Launch of new Education for All project

Children in Chin State, Myanmar face a myriad of challenges in their attempts to secure a basic education. In September 2018, we are launching Education for All, a new project designed to radically change the life opportunities of high school students in rural Chin villages.

Watch our new video and learn why we think supporting education is so important.  To find out more about this project click here.

The mission of Health and Hope is to bring primary healthcare, education, hope and development to the poorest people in and around Chin State, Myanmar (Burma) through community engagement and empowerment.

Health and Hope is a community-based organisation and partners with local villages regardless of tribal association, religious background, gender or social standing. Health and Hope shares the ownership of its life-changing programmes with the communities it serves.


Our work is centred on three key areas:


Community health

Improving access to public health and primary medical care.


Freedom to education

Increasing the number of skilled people who can lead community development issues.

Food security

Food security

Increasing agricultural production and reducing chronic malnutrition.