Who We Are

Who We Are

Health & Hope

Health and Hope is a partnership between Health and Hope UK (HHUK) and Health and Hope Myanmar (HHM). Together, we deliver programmes to the rural poor structured around three key areas of health, education and food security in western Myanmar (Burma), specifically in Chin and Rakhine States.

Health and Hope UK's primary role is to provide representation, awareness raising, fundraising, and technical support to Health and Hope Myanmar.  

"Health and Hope" represents the international partnership of both the fundraising and implementing partner, working together to bring hope to the poorest, envisioning and empowering remote rural communities to become thriving through self-development.

Community Clinics
Community Health Worker Training

Our Mission

Together, our mission is to bring hope and development to the poorest people in western Myanmar, through primary healthcare, education and food security projects, through community engagement and empowerment.

Our Vision

Our shared vision is to see lives transformed and communities that are thriving and self-developed.

Working with the local community
Making sure everyone counts

Partnership Values

We are committed to the empowerment and transformation of individuals and communities.  We aim to empower local villagers to find innovative solutions to the problems they face.  We believe in the importance of holistic wellbeing in transformation, considering the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the people we serve.

We are committed to developing long term relationships and the affirmation of equal individual value. We work alongside the leadership of local villages to address their needs, encouraging their active participation in their own development. We strive to ensure there is equality and accessibility to the services and activities we offer to all people regardless of religious faith, gender, ethnicity, tribal grouping or social status.

We are a learning organisation, accountable to the people we serve and committed to the transformation of communities we walk alongside. We take consultation with local villagers seriously and develop our services in response to their ongoing feedback and prevailing local needs.  

Working alongside village elders

Our Methods

Health and Hope Myanmar's work focuses on increasing community cohesion and hope and is centred around three programmes to inspire, engage and empower people to take action to contribute to positive change in their local communities.

Health and Hope Myanmar are a community-based and community-led organisation responding to local villagers needs. Their work focuses on addressing development needs in the three key areas of healtheducation and food security


Patron of Health & Hope: Prince Charles

Health and Hope UK are delighted to enjoy the support of HRH The Prince of Wales as our patron.  

His Royal Highness has met personally with Dr Sasa on a number of occasions and has encouraged others to partner with our work in Chin State.  

We are honoured and grateful to HRH The Prince of Wales for making time available to support our work and for the encouragement that this brings in the communities whom we serve.

Photo: Hugo Burnand