“Health and Hope have shown me what it means to serve my community, to live sacrificially and to work together to help our people.” Elizabeth, FEP Student

Our education programme consists of four projects, two of which are active in this financial year.

  Project Short Description 2016-17
E1 Freedom to Education The Freedom to Education Project (FEP) aims to identify and support talented young men and women who carry a vision for the long term benefit of their people and provide them with the opportunity to pursue higher education.
E2 Education Campaign A village level campaign run in schools across the region encouraging students to complete high school exams and raising awareness of the opportunities and benefits of higher education to students and their parents. -
E3 Summer School A summer school project providing education, nutrition and protection to children during the summer months. -
E4 Community Health and Education Centres (CHECs) Community Health and Education Centres (CHECs) are multi-purpose buildings designed by the local community to support a wide range of activities aimed at meeting health, education and social needs. The budget for this year is solely for transportation of materials to complete work started in 2015-16.

Freedom To Education

The Freedom to Education Project (FEP) has, to date, supported 70 students to pursue education beyond high school at colleges and universities in India, China, the Philippines, Thailand and the Ukraine.

The first student will graduate at the end of 2016 as a medical doctor followed by a number of undergraduates with training in general sciences. Most graduates will undertake at least one year’s work experience before lending their support to ongoing community work within Chin State. The first three doctors to qualify have all committed to return to Chin State to support the strengthening of Health and Hope’s health programme, building up work in the clinic and supporting the ongoing training of community health workers and traditional birth attendants.

To find out more information about FEP, click here to read Peter's story or request a full project proposal from our office using the button below. 

FEP Students

Community Health and Education Centres (CHECs)

During 2014-2015, nineteen Community Health and Education Centres were constructed in partner villages. The multi-purpose buildings are designed by the local community to support a wide range of activities aimed at meeting their own health, education and social needs, and will typically consist of a multi-purpose meeting room, office, toilet and kitchen area. However, as a partnership approach is taken to the design, construction and contribution of materials, every centre is unique. This approach creates a sense of ownership in the village, engaging local leadership in both the initial construction and ongoing development of their community centre. These simple buildings provide a range of valuable services run by the local community, supporting activities from nursery schools to women’s groups.

During 2016-2017, this project, as well as the education campaign and summer school will be put on hold while the core projects are further established.

Opening of a CHEC
Nursery school in a CHEC
CHEC CHW office
Community Meeting