"Because of Health and Hope’s Freedom to Education Project I was able to study freely and peacefully. Now my dream is to produce more educated people and to be a good teacher. 
Thank you for changing my life upside down!"

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Our education programme consists of two projects; 'Freedom to Education' and 'Education for All'.

  Project Short Description 2017-18
  Freedom to Education The Freedom to Education Project (FEP) aims to identify and support talented young men and women who carry a vision for the long term benefit of their people and provide them with the opportunity to pursue higher education. Ongoing
  Education for All The Education for All Project aims to support secondary school students pass their year 10 exams. The project will; (1) Provide a safe place to study after school, (2) Provide supplementary food to undernourished and malnourished children daily, (3) Provide a library of educational materials to support their studies, (4) Provide a range of well-equipped tutors for out-of school study support. Launching in 2018

Freedom To Education

The Freedom to Education Project (FEP) has, to date, supported 85 students to pursue education beyond high school at colleges and universities in India, China, the Philippines, Thailand and the Ukraine.

The first student graduated at the end of 2016 as a medical doctor followed by four further undergraduates with training in general sciences and business in summer 2017. Most graduates undertake at least one year’s work experience before lending their support to ongoing community work within Chin State. Four of the graduated students have now joined the Health and Hope Myanmar team as staff, giving back to their own communities. This includes the first doctor to qualify, who has already return to Chin State and joined the Health and Hope team to support the strengthening of Health and Hope Myanmar’s health programme, building up work in the clinic and supporting the ongoing training of community health workers and traditional birth attendants. He is due to be joined by two further medical students who have committed to return to Chin State after their graduation in summer 2018. 

“Health and Hope have shown me what it means to serve my community, to live sacrificially and to work together to help our people.” Elizabeth, FEP Student

To find out more information about FEP, click here to read Peter's story or request a full project proposal from our office using the button below. 

FEP Students
FEP Students who graduated from University in 2017

Education for All

Since 2015, twenty-seven Community Health and Education Centres (CHEC) have been built throughout Chin State. These buildings were designed by the local community to support a wide range of activities aimed at meeting health, education and social needs. Health and Hope Myanmar ran Summer Schools in these CHECs which provide education, nutrition and protection to children during the summer months. These two projects have now been amalgamated into the Education for All project in 2018.

Originally planned as a separate study centre, the rebuilding of the new training centre will incorporate a multi-use ground floor area with classrooms and offices. The classrooms will be used to support the schooling of secondary students to help prepare them for their year 10 exams, expanding their opportunities in the future. The project will: 

  • Provide a safe place to study after school 
  • Provide supplementary food to undernourished and malnourished children daily 
  • Provide a library of educational materials to support their studies 
  • Provide a range of well-equipped tutors for out-of-school study support
Nursery school in a CHEC
Primary school children in Lailenpi
Site of training centre construction
School children having a break in Lailenpi