It was a full day’s journey from my village to where the pregnant lady was in need. As soon as I heard the news, I prepared myself to go and arrived there at 9pm. I was very nervous, because three government trained nurses had been called to assist. They were surrounding her and trying to help. I saw the mother’s pain and tiredness and felt very sorry for her. The nurses all said that they could not do anything more, that she and the baby would die. I asked them to please leave her, and let me see if I could help. When I realised the baby’s shoulder was stuck, the lessons I had practiced during the TBA training from Health & Hope came to my mind. It was so clear. I did as we had learnt and the baby came out so quickly. Both mother and baby were happy within just a few minutes and the nurses were amazed and curious about where I had learnt this technique! The mother was crying and all of them were so happy and amazed.

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