We have worked this farm since our grandfather's time, almost 20 years now. We are nine members in our family and three children in school and college. The farm supported us in many ways for our food, but since we never know the proper techniques of planting, we were not producing as much as we needed due to lack of skills and knowledge. After we received help from the sustainable agriculture project, we understood that what we have done for many years was not always right and there are many new techniques which will help us to improve our farm. We have also had to change our mindset to make things sustainable. We have learnt new ways to look after our crops including crop positioning, land preparation and better water management. We are very excited to put these into practice over the next year and we hope that our farm will continue to provide us with enough nutritious food, as well as an income for our family and remaining children to depend on, even after we are gone from this world.

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