Our goal is to ensure communities are resilient to disasters and able to access humanitarian relief 

Following the devastating military coup in Myanmar in February 2021, which has brought untold brutal violence across the country, we had to immediately re-prioritise our work launching our relief work in direct response to the humanitarian crisis.

Due to security issues, we were forced to evacuate our Health & Hope Myanmar team (HHM) and our direct work in-country has temporarily ceased. Our response to the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar continues however through a network of partners.

We are unable to detail our work here due to security issues, but if you would like to find out more information about our relief work, please do get in touch with us.

Will you join us and stand together with the people of Myanmar? Your support will have a direct impact on thousands of lives affected by the conflict and give young people a future and a hope.

Health & Hope Myanmar's is in a unique position of having long-established relationships with village leaders. This, along with the support of a vast network of volunteers, has provided the opportunity and means to document, advocate for and, where necessary, deliver food aid to remote rural areas where International NGOs and the government are unable to reach.

Major natural disasters, coupled with deforestation, a longer monsoon period and changes in climate have caused major challenges to ongoing food security within Chin State over the last ten years.

During disasters like these, Health & Hope has enabled supporters to provide food into villages across the region, delivered by local community members to those in need. This has strengthened community bonds across the region. In addition, Health & Hope has partnered with key international agencies to deliver:

  • Clean Delivery Kits (CDKs) for pregnant women
  • Dignity Kits for women with children
  • vitamin supplements for children under five and pregnant women.

Cyclone Mocha

On 14th May 2023, coastal and inland communities in Western Myanmar were battered by Cyclone Mocha as winds as high as 130 mph ripped roofs from houses, destroyed shelters and uprooted trees. More than 400 people are reported to have been killed and thousands are homeless. Please support us to enable us to support those affected by Cyclone Mocha and the ongoing humanitarian crisis.