Infrastructure Projects

Health & Hope has delivered a number of one-off projects that support our core objectives, either directly or in partnership with other organisations. These have included the rebuilding of the training centre in Lailenpi, which was destroyed in a cyclone in 2017, building a dormitory for the Education for All students, and supporting the construction of an Airstrip in Lailenpi town alongside Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Sadly, all the infrastructure projects have all had to be paused due to insecurity. 

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The video above shows a fly-through along the centre-line of the runway showing the construction progress to date. 

The project to build airstrip built in partnership with MAF was conceived with the aim of reducing travel time to Yangon from two to three days by land, to just 90 minutes by air. The project required moving over 300,000 cubic meters of earth and infilling the sides of the mountain to create an 800m long airstrip. Despite being a large and complex project, the work inspired support from the Vice-President of Myanmar, the Director of Civil Aviation and the Deputy Minister.

Lailenpi Airstrip site, Dec 2018 Lailenpi Airstrip site, Dec 2019

The two images above were taken one year apart from each other, showing the progress of the airstrip project in leveling the ground for the runway. 

The airstrip will provide a means to deliver essential medical supplies and personnel to the region, as well as support emergency aid to rural communities in times of natural disasters. The official ground-breaking ceremony took place in May 2019 and the project is now 75% complete. 

Lailenpi Airstrip, May 2019 Lailenpi Airstrip, May 2020

Terry who managed the construction project, and in the video below he describes the scale of the task in December 2018 during the final stages of surveying the site for construction.