One-off projects

Health and Hope deliver a number of one-off projects to support core objectives, either directly or in partnership with other organisations. These currently include re-building Health and Hope Myanmar's training centre in Lailenpi that was destroyed in a cyclone in 2017 and supporting the construction of an Airstrip in Lailenpi town alongside Mission Aviation Fellowship.

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Project Summary

On 30th May 2017, Cyclone Mora made landfall in Bangladesh before moving northwards through western Myanmar. Torrential rain and high winds destroyed homes and triggered landslides in rural villages with 37 families made homeless in the village of Lailenpi where Health and Hope Myanmar’s (HHM) work is based. In addition, seven buildings of HHM’s training centre were destroyed including the main training hall, kitchen and dining area and four dormitory buildings.

Having lost such critical infrastructure and with only the office and clinic left standing, plans were made to rebuild a new cyclone-proof training facility. The community in Lailenpi went straight to work in clearing the site and work started on the rebuilding of the 100'x60' training centre in December 2017.

The building continues to be a source of pride and a testimony to the hard work and resourcefulness of the team and local community. The construction process has been a community effort, providing valuable opportunities for employment, in particular for local women, as well as skills training for local craftsmen thanks to our partnership with Engineering Ministries International (EMI-World) engineers. 

During the year, the training centre, despite not being complete, has hosted two workshops for Area Coordinators in December and February.  With the launch of the Education for All project in June 2019, the building will now provide classroom and accommodation facilities for 100 students for 10 months of the year.