At Health & Hope, we’re committed to developing meaningful, long-term partnerships. 

We are looking to build connections with businesses and churches, as well as charitable trusts and foundations working in the third sector. Alongside financial support of our programmes, we want to help you get involved in our work – perhaps volunteering with one of our projects, using your skills and expertise to support our team, or mentoring some of our newly qualified staff members.

Some of our partners…

Coast Family Church have been supporters of Health & Hope’s work for many years. Alongside regular financial gifts towards our projects, the church supports us in other ways, such as holding prayer meetings for our work and hosting Dr Sasa or the HHM team when they visit the UK.

Janette attends the church and is a long-term supporter and friend of Dr Sasa. She has been out to visit the work in Lailenpi and is now using her many years of teaching experience to support the HHM team who are running the new Education for All project.

Another member of the congregation who was inspired by Dr Sasa when he spoke at the church a few years ago, has taken part in a number of “challenge events” to raise funds for Health & Hope. You can read more about Bryan’s story here.  

Alongside our church partnerships, we are partnering with businesses that want to make a difference through their work. One example is Hapsocial, a company that is on a mission to bring lives out of poverty with every purchase. They’re building a brand with great products while giving part of their earnings to social causes.

Ronald Reagan once said, 'We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone'. I believe you don't have to be the most talented or charismatic person to make a difference. Everyone can do so. The key is to make it a habit and start taking small initiatives to do it. You never know, you might make someone smile today!

Find out more

These are just some examples of how people are supporting us in different ways. If you would like to find out more about how you might be able to partner with Health & Hope, contact Pip Wilford, Senior Partnerships Manager, by emailing: or get in touch by completing this form.