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Posted on 23rd February 2022 by Miles Jarvis

It has been a very difficult few months for our Health & Hope team since our last update in June 2021.

Sadly, Health & Hope Myanmar remains closed in-country, and the situation in Chin State and across Myanmar is deteriorating. The numbers of people forced to leave their homes due to the conflict is increasing and the needs are immediate and urgent. The on-going nature of this crisis is fracturing all rhythms of life, including agriculture, education and health care. Spiralling costs of food, fuel and other necessities mean that more and more people slip into extreme poverty. All this with the background of the Covid-19 pandemic still present across the country.

Despite these huge challenges, hope remains through practical action and care. We continue to deliver support to those in greatest need through our network of partners in the region. Our focus remains on providing humanitarian relief in the form of food and emergency shelter, and endeavouring to build early recovery from this crisis through livelihood and education support.

In the last 6 months, through the generous contributions of our supporters, we have been able to support thousands of people who have left their homes, often with no possessions of any kind. The summary below gives a snapshot of what has been achieved:

  • 9,141 food grants have been distributed, which provide for basic nutritional requirements.

  • 1,192 people have been provided with emergency shelter, water and sanitation to ensure provision for the most essential needs.

  • 2,318 people have been provided with basic household items, such as pots, plates, cutlery and blankets.

  • 2,715 people have received health and hygiene kits, including soap, toothpaste, facemasks and sanitary items.

  • 42 livelihood grants to enable households to raise an income were distributed, including chicken and pig rearing, and ginger and chilli farming.

The situation remains very sensitive, and we are not able to communicate all that is going on. We are hoping to keep all our supporters updated through newsletters as we are able.

If you would like to receive these updates via email, please email us at with your contact details and a brief introduction to yourself and your interest in Health & Hope UK. Or you can sign up to our newsletters here.

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership.

If you would like to financially support our current relief work you can donate online HERE

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