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Posted on 28th November 2019 by Philippa Wilford

This #GivingTuesday you can be part of giving a gift that will last a lifetime.

By supporting us this giving season, you will give hope to the remote and vulnerable communities that we serve.

“It is my greatest joy to see hope, that precious gift, return to the faces of our people, who have suffered so much for so long. Hope in the faces of children when we opened their first nursery school in a newly built Community Health and Education Centre. Hope in the faces of our Community Health Workers as they realise how the simple act of boiling water, can prevent death and could save the lives of their family. Hope in the faces of our students who are now learning they are free to dream about a better future.”

Three ways you can #GiveHope this #GivingTuesday


1. Give your voice

Health & Hope is a small charity. We don’t run big campaigns, but instead we rely on our committed and faithful supporters to spread the news about our work. Your voice is truly powerful in educating others about our work, and people are much more likely to get involved if they’ve heard about us from their friends and family.

So please consider giving the gift of your voice tell someone about our work - share a post on Facebook, direct someone to our website, or if you would like us to send you a few flyers or impact reports to give to people, email Philippa


2. Give your year

As we think about the new year ahead, perhaps you could commit to doing something this year to support Health & Hope.

It might be giving up a treat (like that coffee out and about or weekly takeaway) and using the money to give a monthly give to Health & Hope. Or maybe you could commit to holding a fundraising event or completing a sponsored challenge event next year.

Whatever your commitment, we are SO grateful for your support and we would love to hear how you are going to #GiveYourYear to make a difference to others. Check out our fundraising page, if you would like some ideas of how you can fundraise for us. 


3. Give a gift 

Of course, financial support is vital for us to ensure our work can continue.

You can donate via our website either towards our general work or one of our specific projects, or check out this page for more information about other ways you can give

Thank you for your continued support! It is so very much appreciated.

If you have any questions or would like any further information about our work, please contact Philippa by emailing

Dr Sasa meets with HRH The Prince of Wales

Posted on 11th November 2019 by Chris Jones

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales held a private meeting with Dr Sasa at Clarence House, St James’ Palace, London, UK on 5th November 2019.

It seems impossible that a village boy from a remote part of Chin State, Myanmar (Burma) could ever meet with The Prince of Wales.  It seems even more impossible, that he knows me by name and that I would be met by such friendship, hospitality and concern.

How could The Prince of Wales even know about me?  How could he express an interest in what I have been doing for my people?  It has been such an honour to meet with His Royal Highness again and to be counted as his friend.

I am amazed again and again by the love that The Prince of Wales has for my people and our country, despite us living in the most far away place.  

The Prince has encouraged me more than I could ever ask for and the warmness, love and support that he has shown, will remain in me and has given me the courage to never give up the good work that we have been doing.

We would like to express our thanks to The Prince of Wales for his ongoing friendship, support and patronage towards Dr Sasa and our work in Myanmar (Burma).

September 2019 update

Posted on 1st October 2019 by Philippa Wilford

The rain won't stop us! 

Over the last few months the team in Myanmar have been non-stop busy and, despite the challenging weather conditions caused by the annual monsoon rains, work has continued on the training centre as well as the Lailenpi airstrip project.  (If you've got a few moments, check out the latest fly-by video of the airstrip project to appreciate the sheer scale of the mountain that needs to be moved!)

The Education for All project is also in full swing, providing full-time education to over 100 students with the aim of transforming the Grade 10 pass rate for students from 30 remote villages.  Some of you may remember watching the video of Dipar's story on our website.  It's great to see the photos of her now working as a teacher (below).  If you haven't watched her video, it's available on our new website here.

Earlier in the summer, the health team conducted a number of outreach clinics in remote villages across the region. As part of their visits they conducted surveys, screened children for malnutrition, trained Community Health Workers and shared key health education messages. Many of these villages can only be reached on a motorbike, and even then the team had to battle with quite a lot of mud and water on their travels!

Dr Sasa is visiting the UK! 

We are delighted that Dr Sasa will be spending a few weeks in the UK from mid-October to mid-November. He will be speaking at a number of different churches and events across the UK including Newcastle, London, Belfast and The Channel Islands. If you've never heard Dr Sasa speak or met him personally, we would really encourage you to come along to one of these events and find out more about our work. You can find out more details on our website.  New events will be added over the coming weeks, so do check back for more details.

Sasa's UK visit follows on from a few weeks' in the US where he has spoken at a number of churches, colleges, and met with key government figures. During the trip, Dr Sasa was interviewed on the Eric Metaxas show - the video below is from a recording of the show on YouTube. 

If you are based in the US and would like more information about how you can be involved in our work, please get in touch with our Senior Partnerships Manager, Pip by emailing:

"I know I can’t do everything... but I can’t do nothing." Dr Sasa

These were Dr Sasa's words to a group of students at a high school in Virginia. Sasa's inspirational story is one of seeing the need, choosing not to ignore what he saw, and believing that he could do something to make a difference. 

The same is true for all of us. We all have a part to play in making a difference to impact the lives of those in need. 

We are so grateful for every individual who has chosen to partner with us on this journey - we really couldn't do this without your support!  But your continued support is vital for us to be able to continue making a difference. By giving financially to Health and Hope, your support will help train people like Khai, who is a Community Health Worker providing essential healthcare to remote communities in the region. 

"My name is Khai and I am from Tlopi village in Chin State. I was chosen by my village to be trained as a health worker under Dr Sasa and Health and Hope. At the time I went to the India border to join six months training.

Since I returned home, many things have improved thanks to the health knowledge that was shared. We have reduced the mortality rate of children under 10, and not one has died from diarrhoea thanks to the way we have been instructed to care for them.

Also, there have been a lot of snake bites in my village, and many people used to die. However, I learnt some knowledge about managing snake bites from the health training and I shared this with my village. I am so happy that I have been able to save two people’s lives thanks to the knowledge I learnt from training at Health and Hope."

Your support enables us to provide training and education to villagers, students and farmers who then play a part in transforming their own communities.

Can you help us by supporting our work with a financial gift?

Thank you for your continued interest in our work. Alongside this newsletter, we continue to provide regular updates in the latest news section of our website and on our Facebook page.

If you have any specific questions or would like further information about Health and Hope’s work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for making a difference!

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