Humanitarian Relief

Our goal is to ensure communities are resilient to disasters and able to access humanitarian relief 

Following the devastating military coup in Myanmar in February 2021, which has brought untold brutal violence across the country, we had to immediately re-prioritise our work launching our relief work in direct response to the humanitarian crisis. We had to evacuate our teams for security purposes but our humanitarian response in Myanmar continues through a network  of partners in Myanmar.

New Dawn Project

The New Dawn project was established to meet the desperate need of Myanmar nationals fleeing the violence perpetrated by the military. This project not only provides immediate relief but also offers hope for a brighter future, empowering individuals to rebuild their lives and contribute to community resilience.  With continued support and compassion, our teams are striving to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of those affected by the crisis, bringing forth a new dawn of hope and resilience.

Working across 20 villages, the support provided through New Dawn includes:

  • Shelter and essential household grants including building materials, mosquito nets, bedding and cooking equipment, typically to provide accommodation for a household.
  • Food, health and hygiene grants to support vulnerable and marginalised groups, and to relieve the short-term burden on local communities. The food grants typically provided a food parcel with enough for one month including rice, daal, oil, salt and sugar. 
  • Health and hygiene grants include items such as soap, washing powder, sanitary products, toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  • Medical assistance to those suffering from sickness or injury. This ranges from simple medication for common illnesses and injury through to the treatment of complex conditions requiring referral for hospital admission.
  • Promoting independent living through small livelihood start-up grants. This is a vital part of helping families develop their own income again, increase self-sufficiency and resilience. These grants enable the purchase of small livestock (e.g., chickens and pigs), provision of tools or equipment to help skilled workers (e.g., sewing machines, carpentry tools) or seeds and other items to enable small-scale farming (e.g., ginger or chillies farming).
  • Education support – refugee children have been granted permission to attend local schools, but many have been prevented from accessing this due to a lack of money for uniforms, stationery and books. We identify children unable to access school because of this and are provided with materials to enable them to attend school.

Thanks to generous support from our donors, to date, we have distributed over 62,000 grants to refugees caught up in the ongoing conflict following the military coup.

Will you join us and stand together with the people of Myanmar? Your support will have a direct impact on thousands of lives affected by the conflict and give young people a future and a hope.

Cyclone Mocha

On 14th May 2023, coastal and inland communities in Western Myanmar were battered by Cyclone Mocha as winds as high as 130 mph ripped roofs from houses, destroyed shelters and uprooted trees. More than 400 people are reported to have been killed and thousands are homeless. Please support us to enable us to support those affected by Cyclone Mocha and the ongoing humanitarian crisis.