To Lailenpi and back again…

Posted on 7th February 2019 by Chris Jones

January 2019 Newsletter


The journey to Lailenpi in western Myanmar (Burma) took 72 hours.  And that was quick.  Starting out from London on Monday afternoon, we travelled almost non-stop until Thursday evening.  

Lailenpi is a small town nestled in the jungles overlooking the border with India. It is very remote. The last section of the journey involves a 15 hour drive on rough mountain roads passing through just a handful of villages and one 'town' with a small cafe.  Previously the trip from Yangon took four days alone, with the final stretch taking a back-breaking 18 hours on a motorbike.  As such we were grateful that the government had compacted the partially built road post the last monsoon, enabling us to arrive in the comfort of a 4x4.

The video below is an update of Health and Hope's latest work (January 2019)

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