One-Off Projects

One-Off Projects

One-Off Projects

There have been a number of one-off infrastructure projects run in recent years:

  Project Short Description 2017-18
  Health and Hope Myanmar's Training Center Rebuilding Project Rebuilding Health and Hope Myanmar's training facility in Lailenpi following cyclone Mora's destruction of the previous facilities in 2017. The new facility is made of re-inforced concrete and is cyclone resistant. Ongoing
  Airstrip Health and Hope are involved with supporting the design, project management and construction of Lailenpi Airstrip alongside Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). Ongoing
  Hydro-Electric Power Supply and Piped Clean Water - Lailenpi Installation of a hydro-electric power supply and piped clean water supply in Lailenpi, where most of Health and Hope Myanmar's activities are based. Completed


Rebuilding of the Health and Hope Training Centre

On 30th May 2017, Cyclone Mora made landfall in Bangladesh before moving northwards through western Myanmar. Torrential rain and high winds destroyed homes and triggered landslides in rural villages with 37 families made homeless in the village of Lailenpi where Health and Hope Myanmar’s (HHM) work is based.

In addition, we were devastated to lose the majority of the HHM training centre; seven buildings were destroyed including the main training hall, kitchen and dining area and four dormitory buildings.

Since 2011, the training facility, which had become a beacon of hope for so many, had supported:

The training of 834 Community Health Workers and 166 Traditional Birth Attendants

- The distribution of 100,000+ tonnes of emergency food relief
- Education programmes for school children
- The storage and distribution of medicines & medical equipment
- Youth and women’s conferences
- Hosting of international visitors and government officials

Having lost such critical infrastructure and with only the office and clinic left standing, plans were made to rebuild a new cyclone-proof training facility.

In September 2017, Health and Hope  contracted the services of EMI-World, a leading network of professionals to provide architectural design and structural engineering support for the rebuilding project. While the site clearance was underway, EMI-World set to work developing architectural and foundation plans, transforming local sketches and ideas into comprehensive and well engineered structural designs. 

The dry season which started in November 2017 allowed the local community to push forward with preparing the building site, digging deep foundations and erecting the first reinforced concrete columns. The building of the training centre has become a concerted effort involving the whole community. Thanks to technical support from EMI-World’s field-engineers, the local labourers learnt new building techniques to bridge wider spans and also ensure the training centre can withstand future earthquakes and extreme weather conditions.

By the beginning of the monsoon period, significant headway had been made with the laying of the first floor concrete slab enabling work to continue inside the ground floor during the rainy period. Due to high costs in transporting building materials into the Chin mountains and the expanded scope to support a two-storey training centre, Health and Hope UK are continuing to seek funding partnerships to complete the roof construction and fully equip the multi-use classrooms and offices.

Latest photographs of the rebuilding work can be seen on our Flickr Page.

Lailenpi Airstrip

We are delighted that the partnership with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), to develop and build an airstrip in Lailenpi, has taken significant steps forward. The airstrip will reduce travel time to Yangon from three to four days by land, to just 90 minutes by air. The project requires moving over 300,000 cubic metres of earth and infilling the sides of the mountain to create an 800m longairstrip. Despite being a large and complex project, the work has inspired support from the Vice-President of Myanmar, the Director of Civil Aviation and the Deputy Minister.

The airstrip will provide a means to deliver essential medical supplies and personnel to the region, as well as support emergency aid to rural communities in times of natural disasters. The construction work will take two years to complete.

Hydro-Electric and Piped Clean Water

The mountainous and rugged terrain surrounding the base provides the perfect environment for a hydro-electric power supply. Health and Hope Myanmar have successfully achieved the installation of a hydro-electric power and piped clean water supply in Lailenpi which has improved the efficiency of operations. 

Reassembly of hydro-electric generator
Clean water supply